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Friday, September 30, 2022

Nxt Development Team Releases Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit

Jelurida BV  has released a version of the Nxt coresoftware that allows developers and project leaders to create and deploy private Nxt-based blockchain systems for use with rapid evaluation and testing of applications.

The Nxt Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit (PBEK) is a modified version of the core Nxt Reference Software (NRS) version 1.11.4. The PBEK does not use the public Nxt blockchain, but is designed to allow anyone to create an Nxt network in a lab/testing environment. It is configured to run as a testnet only, with 10 well-known genesis block accounts, using the numbers 0 to 9 as passwords, each account being pre-funded with 100m NXT.

In order to enable anyone using PBEK to ‘print money’, the Nxt Genesis account, the origin point of all NXT can be accessed with the password “Nxt” and be used to create even more NXT. This system will allow external projects to rapidly test and prototype their blockchain based applications in the lab.

Dave Pearce, Nxt Foundation: Nxt PBEK is the first such Software Development Kit to be released by a mainstream blockchain platform, and will lower the bar for developers who need a blockchain test environment

Lior Jaffe, developer for Jelurida BV: The Nxt Private Blockchain Evaluation Kit we have designed creates a safe, ready-made environment for businesses and developers to test how Nxt can be applied to their needs. It provides a comprehensive kit to answer any questions potential users might have regarding the efficacy of Nxt Blockchain technology.

Nxt PBEK is aimed at blockchain developers who need a test environment for application development before going live,  and to businesses lookingto evaluate the suitability of the Nxt platform for their potential projects.

The PBEK can be downloaded from:


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