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Saturday, June 03, 2023

Neobank Blackcatcard has started to issue Mastercard cards with new visual design and extended capabilities

The Blackcatcard fintech ecosystem, issued by Papaya Ltd, introduces new Mastercard plastic cards with new visual design with extended capabilities, for both individuals and businesses.

The new cards issued by the neobank now have attractive physical characteristics, particular design according to the type of user and all the benefits offered in the Blackcatcard ecosystem. The new design highlights the elegant range of colours, darker than those of the current card, in combination with the now turquoise eyes of Blackcatcard’s iconic cats. This set of details gives a very sophisticated and attractive look to the cards, which catches the attention of whoever holds them in his hands.

In terms of texture, the cards will now have no embossing, giving them a more sober style that is more comfortable to the touch. It should also be noted that the card numbers are now located on the back, keeping the security data out of sight, while the front part concentrates the most outstanding innovative graphic elements. Regarding the face of the cats on the cards, there are also differences depending on the type of client who requests the card.

At the same time, cards with the new design have also been upgraded to act like credit cards. This means that such cards can be accepted by those services that historically only accept credit-grade cards for the payment of services. This option is very useful for travelers who book a car or accommodation through services that do not accept debit cards. However, these credit-grade cards with new design do not provide access to any credit products and services, and also do not allow you to get an overdraft.

Individuals who get this new design will find that their cat is similar to the current design, but with dazzling turquoise eyes. They can order their new cards as additional ones just for 7 euros per card and only 2 euros monthly maintenance fee for all additional cards ordered.

Providing clients with additional card Blackcatcard also gives them convenient options for planning and splitting the family budget by issuing additional cards with different naming and different designs, such as a family or kid’s style card, which allows not only to separate the spending, but also to obtain an aesthetic pleasure.

The model of this type of card has also been renovated. The family style card was revamped with the overall design for individuals, while the kid’s style card will have a different model, as the cat’s design changes completely, from a small and tender friend to a larger, more natural and dynamic cat. Additional cards also bring with them several benefits. For example, the possibility of personalizing them with a particular name that represents the client’s personality, such as a childhood nickname, a nickname by which the client’s family calls him/her, among many other options.

Having additional cards, both virtual and plastic, also allows to increase the level of security in case payments are made on different websites. If there is suspicion of phishing on a website, it is possible to block that particular card, so that the funds will be safe and can be used through the other cards. All additional cards with the new design are Mastercard Credit-grade payment cards.

The main plastic and virtual cards as well as the IBAN account are still free for individuals without a monthly service fee. Moreover, up to 5 SEPA transfers and all incoming payments are available for these clients every month for free.

In addition, as part of the bonus program provided by Blackcatcard partner FINTECH ASSETS OÜ, private clients can choose one of the following four options:

  •  2.2% per annum reward
  • up to 5% cashback for purchases on Google Play
  • up to 2% cashback for purchases on Amazo
  • 0.1% cashback on all card purchases
  • Individuals can switch the bonus program at any convenient time.

With new designs and partnership programs Blackcatcard takes online banking on the path of innovation to a new level, generating solutions that meet the needs of its clients in aesthetic, operational and financial aspects.

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