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Moolahgo Adds Philippines GCash to Its Suite of Real-time Payment Services

Moolahgo Adds Philippines GCash to Its Suite of Real-time Payment Services | Fintech Finance

Responding to increasing market demand for low-cost, real-time payment services, Moolahgo has expanded its payment to e-wallet service to include the Philippines e-wallet GCash. What sets Moolahgo apart from other remittance apps is that its service allows a Moolahgo user to simply select a phone number saved in the phonebook and send money real-time (24×7) to the payee’s GCash wallet in the Philippines. Moolahgo is also making this technology available to its partners as part of its Payment-as-a-Service platform. 

GCash is one of the leaders in the Philippines’ e-wallet market. With the addition of this service, Moolahgo now has access to reach the more than 50 million GCash users in its real-time payment network. 

It’s also worth noting that Moolahgo has done this within a short span after their recent roll-out of a similar service to five major e-Wallets in Indonesia (OVO, GoPay, LinkAja, Dana, ShopeePay totaling more than 300 million users), a service that has seen tremendous take-up rate amongst its e-wallet users and making the Moolahgo e-wallet an app of choice for transferring money to Indonesia. Moolahgo also recently announced it has launched a Pay to Visa debit / prepaid card service, making it the first non-bank e-wallet to offer such a service in Singapore.  

“This is yet another important milestone in our company’s vision of creating a frictionless fiat-money transfer system. There’s been lots of talks of late about cryptocurrencies being the ultimate answer to low-cost and fast currency movement solutions. At Moolahgo, we believe that fiat money movement can similarly be extremely fast and low-cost and we’ve proven this is possible with our technologies,” says Mr. Jodi Junan, Chief Technology Officer at Moolahgo. 

The addition of this Pay Now to GCash e-wallet service is a major welcome to Moolahgo’s Filipino users as the unbanked / underbanked population in the Philippines is still high. This service allows Moolahgo’s e-wallet to become even more inclusive. 

Moolahgo’s Pay Now to Philippines GCash service costs only S$0.50 per transaction as at the time of this writing. And as always, users of the service get to enjoy competitive rates from Moolahgo as well. 



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