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Maxi Opens New Money Transfer Corridors to Vietnam and The Philippines

Maxi Opens New Money Transfer Corridors to Vietnam and The Philippines | Fintech Finance

Maxi, a leader in the US-Latam remittance, has announced its money transfer services are now available to Vietnam and the Philippines.

Operating in the money remittances space for two decades, Maxi (Maxitransfers, LLC) annually manages billions of dollars in money transfers from the US. Until now, Maxi has focused on serving US-based Hispanic immigrants through its network of more than 3,000 authorized agents found in 47 states across the US, with over 50,000 payer locations in 17 Latin American countries. Maxi also provides other key services that immigrant communities need, such as bill payments or cell phone top-ups. With its services expansion, Vietnamese and Philippine US-based immigrants can now also easily and safely send money to their loved ones back home with Maxi.

“We are very excited to add our first remittance destinations outside of Latin America. This is an important next step towards our goal of helping all immigrant communities in the US send money back to their loved ones safely and at the lowest possible cost,” says Gabriel Manjarrez, Maxi’s CEO.

Maxi is one of the biggest players in the US-to-Latin America remittance space, with millions of transfers per month. The company’s new corridors to Vietnam and the Philippines now promise to address the large volume of annual money remittances to these countries – an estimated $13B and $15B from the US respectively. With the plans to expand services beyond Latin America coming to fruition and the upcoming launch of additional new products, including accepting payments via debit cards and domestic remittances within the US, Maxi continues to fulfil its immigrant service promise.

Maxi is known for its unparalleled commitment to customer delight, where agents, clients and end-users can communicate at all stages of their transaction with a trained customer service rep in their preferred language. Setting Maxi apart from its competitors, the company proudly centers around the human side of money transfer, operating in-person on a cash-to-cash basis, ensuring that the critical transaction of sending money back home is never complicated or impersonal.

“At Maxi, we understand that every dollar sent abroad represents the hard work of someone caring for a loved one,” says Francisco Beltran, Head of Business Development at Maxi. “For the past 22 years, we have earned the trust of the Latino Market and today reached a new milestone as we start operations in the Philippine and Vietnamese markets.

“Maxi’s unique ability to bond with different ethnic communities will allow us to continue expanding the Maxi agent network by providing money transfer services that are low cost, fast, easy, safe and with no hidden fees,” he concludes.


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