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Leocare raises 110 million to revolutionise mobile insurance

Leocare raises 110 million to revolutionise mobile insurance | Fintech Finance

Leocare experienced rapid growth of 500% in 2021. This new funding allows Leocare, the first multiservice neo-insurance in France (home, car, motorcycle, smartphone), to speed up the provision of a single contract insurance, unique, for the whole household, according to the concept of “all-in-one”. Leocare thus plans to offer a single contract with a single customer experience (quote, subscription, assistance, claim, services, etc.) covering all the guarantees of the same family. The offer is personalized according to individual profiles but also adjustable at any time by the policyholders themselves, via the application, according to their changing needs. In addition, Leocare also intends to expand beyond France and set out to conquer European markets from 2022, starting with Spain.

Eight Roads is leading this Series B round and Leocare’s historic investors (Felix Capital, Ventech and Daphni) are renewing their confidence. BPI and banking partners complete the tour.

On the occasion of this announcement, Christophe Dandois, CEO of Leocare, declares: “The year 2021 marks a milestone in development for Leocare. We have succeeded in our bet: the digitization of services allows consumers to manage their guarantees themselves, in a simple, transparent and, above all, adjustable way and in line with each person’s daily life. We must go further with the ambition of quickly providing the French, and now Europeans, with a single insurance contract and free services for the whole household. ”

Lucile Cornet, Partner at Eight Roads, adds: “It is rare to meet entrepreneurs like Christophe and Noureddine with such a level of ambition and such a willingness to challenge the status quo. Finally, an insurer that listens to its consumers, is affordable and in the digital age. We see Leocare as one of the insurance giants of tomorrow. ”

New services available deployed in Europe

To stay ahead and make a difference in the market, this new fundraising allows Leocare to build the new standard of insurance: the single contract for the household. Always guided in the development of its offers by the desire to simplify the daily lives of its policyholders, Leocare here again marks a turning point in the world of insurance. Indeed, grouping all household insurance into a single contract allows the customer to simplify his relationship with insurance, but also brings him economic gain through the pooling of guarantees.

In addition, since its creation, Leocare has capitalized on the personalization of the services offered by leveraging its technological strengths and data. Its strategy is to reverse the perception of the insurance model, which is now based primarily on protection. By playing the prevention card, based on observing the needs of its policyholders, Leocare thus becomes a true partner who provides access to relevant services and notifications according to the styles and moments of each person’s life. Leocare thus becomes the insurance policy we think about every month, not to manage a claim, but to live our daily life with complete peace of mind.

In addition, Leocare will also offer features that help reduce claims. These include TakeCare, a bot which, thanks to open data provided by the Interministerial Observatory for Road Safety and Artificial Intelligence built by our researchers, allows Leocare customers to be alerted when they enter in high-risk areas.

In addition, Leocare will soon offer a recommendation feature to its users by associating user profiles with the most frequently used products and services to strengthen the personalized experience and the relevance of the customer journey.

Finally, building on the French model, Leocare will launch its protection and prevention services in Southern Europe, starting with Spain for operation in 2022. Leocare will then continue its European deployment according to criteria of market size, digital maturity and sensitivity to the adoption of neo-insurance.

Rapid development that requires skills and responsibility

To carry out this strategy, Leocare will also continue its ambitious recruitment policy with 150 jobs created to reach a collective of 240 employees by the end of 2022.

Based in Rennes, Paris and Madrid, Leocare seeks skills in the key areas of customer relations, claims management, user experience as well as the development of its services.

Aware of its role in influencing behavior, Leocare is committed to a responsible approach and facilitates the ecological transition. On mobility, for example, Leocare is the leading insurer of the best-selling electric car in Europe. It encourages eco-driving and co-sharing, and will offer, in 2022, insurance combining cars, motorcycles and new forms of mobility.

In addition, Leocare continues to use its customers’ data responsibly: thus, it is the only French insurer to offer a rate without asking its customers for personal data (last name, first name or e-mail address).

In short, Leocare’s mission is to support French people and Europeans, in their daily lives, from their mobile, by offering them the best guarantees, at the right time and at the best price. With 300,000 downloads and a score of 4.6 / 5 in stores, Leocare has demonstrated its leadership, based on its 3 pillars of the customer experience: simplicity, flexibility, proximity.


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