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Talage, Semsee, InsuranceGIG, and HawkSoft Join Forces to Deliver Instant Commercial Quotes from A-Rated Carriers

Talage, Semsee, InsuranceGIG, and HawkSoft Join Forces to Deliver Instant Commercial Quotes from A-Rated Carriers | Fintech Finance

HawkSoft, a leader in management systems for independent insurance agencies, today announced that both Talage and Semsee have integrated their platforms with HawkSoft through InsuranceGIG. The partnerships will increase productivity and capacity to service additional customers for thousands of HawkSoft agencies who will have access to both the Talage and Semsee platforms and their carrier partners, launched from the familiar interface of the HawkSoft agency management system.

The technical integration between Talage and Semsee, with HawkSoft, is a testament to the quality of leaders active in the insurance industry. Insurance technology stands apart from similar fields as a community of problem solvers that put concrete actions behind commitments to customers and innovation. Talage, Semsee, and HawkSoft are connected through InsuranceGIG, an insurtech app marketplace that provides insurance microservices.

“As an Insurtech innovator, it is critical for us to continue to deliver the technology that makes the jobs of insurance professionals easier and more profitable,” said Adam Kiefer, co-founder, and CEO of Talage. “Working with HawkSoft, we are broadening our reach and empowering their network of agencies with the tools they need to provide commercial quotes in a simple and efficient manner quickly.”

“Our established platform has been helping the insurance industry since 1995 by listening to the needs of agents in the field and automating the processes and workflows they require,” said Paul Hawkins, CEO of HawkSoft. “Working with Talage and Semsee and connecting our systems together with the help of InsuranceGIG, we are providing tools that allow insurance professionals to focus on the relationships with their clients and not just the back-office work that often eats away their productivity.”

“The integration between Talage, Semsee, and HawkSoft is a prime example of the way our AppMarket is bringing together innovators and leaders in the insurance and technology industries,” said Michael Lebor, CEO of InsuranceGIG.

“The free flow of data is vital for the industry to thrive. This is a cause that both Semsee and Talage are equally passionate about, and we are thrilled when industry leaders like HawkSoft rally behind it,” said Philip Charles-Pierre, Semsee CEO. “We have seen great results from our partnership with HawkSoft. With our integration, data easily flows from the HawkSoft agency management system into our platform making it easy for agents to quote. And now we are also teaming up with InsuranceGIG which will enable the agent to initiate the submission within HawkSoft.”


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