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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Hub International Launches Multi-Industry Franchise Insurance Solutions for Franchisors and Franchisees

 Hub International Limited (HUB), a leading global insurance brokerage and financial services firm, announced today the launch of HUB Franchise Insurance Solutions, a digital platform to help franchisors and franchisees in the U.S. and those with cross-border operations in Canada manage all their insurance needs in one place, review competitive pricing and track compliance.

With HUB Franchisee Insurance Solutions, franchisors and franchisees will be able to digitally review insurance options and competitive pricing. In addition, they can track insurance certificates, receive automated updates when franchisees are not in compliance and/or need to renew insurance policies, and review claims notifications, with the added benefit of live agent support via phone or live chat.

“Maintaining insurance is complex in franchising, especially for multi-unit operators,” said Chris Treanor, HUB President of Programs and Specialties. “As additional locations open, the franchisors typically lack the tools to track insurance compliance while the franchisees may set up an insurance program that lacks structure – under-insured in some locations, over-insured on others, navigating many different expiration dates and paying more than they should. Our solutions help to navigate these complexities offering not only best coverage and pricing for the franchisees while maintaining contractual compliance for the franchisor.”

While franchising is regulated at the federal level, there are also state-level franchise laws. Franchisors and franchisees must be compliant in the state where they are headquartered and, in the states where the franchises are located. HUB Franchise Insurance Solutions helps ensure franchisors and franchisees understand these complexities and are insured appropriately.

With HUB Franchisee Insurance Solutions, HUB continues its commitment to providing tailored insurance solutions designed to best manage its clients’ risks and insurance needs.

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