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Thursday, November 30, 2023

CoverGo obtains a patent for its drag-and-drop product builder

CoverGo, the leading global SaaS no-code insurance core platform for health, P&C, and life, has recently been granted a patent that recognizes the innovative technology employed within CoverGo’s platform. This patented technology facilitates the configuration of insurance products through interactive elements of personal coverage.

CoverGo’s platform has already made a significant impact on insurers worldwide, thanks to its modern API-driven technology. This recent patent is designed to safeguard the system, ensuring robust legal protection within a global legal framework. This protection is crucial as CoverGo continues its global expansion.

The newly patented CoverGo product builder revolutionizes the insurance industry by simplifying IT processes that have historically slowed down product launches. This innovative no-code drag-and-drop tool empowers business users to swiftly build, configure, and launch products, resulting in cost savings, accelerated market entry, and increased competitiveness.

The patent also encompasses other aspects of CoverGo’s technology, including the elimination of free-text fields, enabling insurers to analyze documents from a data perspective. This ensures richer insights and data integrity without the need for extensive tech redevelopment.

Alex Montgomery, the visionary behind CoverGo’s patented system, explained, “Legacy insurance systems have traditionally made it challenging and expensive to create new insurance products or customize coverage for large customers. CoverGo’s user-friendly drag-and-drop product builder eliminates the need for costly code changes, allowing business users to configure products with built-in support for claims adjudication and self-service administration.”

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