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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Health In Tech Partners with Health Direct Partners to provide self-funded employer groups with full plan transparency, savings, and improved employee health

Health In Tech, an industry-leading insurtech company that delivers disruptive innovation and reimagines self-funded health plans, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Health Direct Partners, a carrier of alternative networks. This collaboration aims to assist self-funded employer groups with a comprehensive set of tools and solutions to redefine self-funded health plans, empower patients, and drive positive change throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

The partnership with Health Direct Partners and Health In Tech brings many best-in-class carrier services, including Health Direct Partners’ unique proprietary Patient PAL platform, powered by advanced data analysis, designed to establish trusted relationships with patients and provide unparalleled support in achieving their health goals.

Paired with Health In Tech’s eDIYBS (Do It Yourself Benefit Systems) platform, the industry’s most streamlined and fastest underwriting and quoting platform, that can generate a firm proposal in 2 minutes or less, the partnership provides self-funded clients with unparalleled access to providers and distinctive industry discounts that are unique in the industry. Granting them access to industry-leading health benefit solutions that deliver full plan transparency, savings, and improved employee health.

“The Health Direct Partners partnership empowers our allies in the self-funded space to access the strongest custom networks for their needs – transforming them into active players of their plans,” said Tim Johnson, CEO of Health In Tech. “This alliance, not only makes self-funding transparent and accessible for small businesses by delivering cost and time-saving solutions, but also reinforces our commitment to disrupting the non-transparent $3.5 trillion healthcare industry with innovation that removes friction and complexities with vertical integration, process simplification, automation, and digitalization.”

This partnership represents an exciting opportunity for employers and brokers seeking to control their healthcare spend and streamline their benefit administration processes. “Through our collaboration with Health In Tech, we are bringing together stakeholders to embark on this transformative journey,” said Jack G. London, D.D., Founder & CEO of Health Direct Partners.

Together, these entities are poised to redefine self-funded health plans, empower patients, and drive transparency and control throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

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