" class="no-js "lang="en-US"> The Bank of London Launches TBOL® AI Code Assistant Enabling Rapid Integration With Banking APIs
Tuesday, May 28, 2024

The Bank of London Launches TBOL® AI Code Assistant Enabling Rapid Integration With Banking APIs

The Bank of London today launches the TBOL® Artificial Intelligence code assistant, using generative AI capabilities powering clients and developers to build at speed, applications, products and services via The Bank of London’s API.

TBOL® AI has been initially developed to support the bank’s Developer Studio, which gives businesses access to one of most comprehensive, modern, and flexible API offerings for embedded banking in the UK.

Designed to accelerate development while maintaining the principles of trust, security, and compliance of a fully regulated bank, TBOL® AI leverages The Bank of London’s unique AI model.

“Our game changing TBOL® AI marks a first of many steps in integrating AI into our broader offering as a regulated bank to help businesses benefit from our real-time Banking-as-a-Service and API capabilities,” said Frankie Woodhead, The Bank of London’s Chief Product Officer.

“We’re already providing the UK’s fastest route to market with one of the most comprehensive API offerings of any bank, alongside a unique approach as a safer bank; anyone can access our API sandbox today without the need to sign non-disclosure agreements or go through paywalls,” he added.

TBOL® AI assistant has been designed to handle questions involving multiple programming languages and address general and technical queries in real-time. It will be developed further to integrate direct chat capabilities within the API documentation, allowing clients and developers to communicate directly with bank product and technology staff.

The Bank of London API is live in a free sandbox test environment allowing developers to simulate and test their applications, integrations across many different offerings including current and interest-bearing accounts, segregated accounts, confirmation of payee, payments, customer onboarding and virtual accounts.

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