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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Citywide Home Loans Announces a Major Market Expansion With an Innovative Charter Branch Model

Citywide Home Loans, a rapidly growing national lender powered by the financial stability and innovative technology of Guaranteed Rate Companies, today announced a revolutionary Charter Branch Model that lifts the veil of traditional branch partnerships to deliver a higher level of transparency for entrepreneurial mortgage lenders to innovate, grow and manage their businesses locally. The Utah-based firm, founded in 1998, has steadily expanded to 55 offices in 36 states.

Citywide’s Charter Branch Model was designed for collaborative leaders who are hungry to grow and feel a part of something bigger. Branch and regional lenders tend to work with large companies to leverage marketing and operational support, plus lead generation – but soon find themselves buried in red tape, restricted in what they can and cannot do, and conforming to an uninspiring brand all while losing lots of take home due to unknown fees and constantly changing rules.

“Citywide is different, we’re a smoothly running, lean and efficient organization, free of complex layers, silos and hierarchies,” said founder Steve Goorman. “Our lenders have a real seat at the table; they are part of a close-knit, big, happy and authentic family.” We provide the platform with all the tools to win and the freedom to be unique; partners set their own pricing, manage expenses, and make locally based decisions. “We don’t handcuff you and force you into a brand box; Citywide offers the flexibility to customize your branch or region experience.”

Benefits of the Citywide charter branch model include the Citywide Pricing Validator, an internal construction department with 1X and 2X close, in-house recruiting, and personalized branding. The Citywide customer experience begins with a digital mortgage application that automatically pulls credit and runs Fannie and Freddie, before it even gets to the loan officer.

Exclusive Perks include:

  • Transparent Pricing – the Citywide Pricing Validator provides full disclosure on pricing
  • Certainty on Loan Fees – loan officers know exactly where they stand and can go to market with aggressive pricing
  • Earn More – in various ways by leveraging our Charter Model
  • Vast Broker Product Menu – Citywide has more options for than most lenders including a large non-QM list of products for unique client situations
  • Guaranteed Rate Technology – Our parent company has built and invested in technology that allows loan officers to manufacture loans faster, with lower costs. Our CRM and all the marketing puzzle pieces are integrated within our platform, so loan officers don’t have to spend money on the technology we already have.

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