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Fintech Finance spoke to David Lamers, Chief Product Owner, Datakeeper about the launch of their new digital identity app:

Fintech Finance spoke to David Lamers, Chief Product Owner, Datakeeper about the launch of their new digital identity app: | Fintech Finance

How did Datakeeper come up with the app? What was the Inspiration behind the idea?

Rabobank is always working on new technologies and innovations. From here, the possibilities surrounding Self Sovereign Identity were also explored. This has been the basis for Datakeeper.

Subsequently Rabobank worked with Mobiquity, a digital transformation enabler, to develop and launch a personal identity wallet app –Datakeeper– to be used by all European citizens. Together we made Datakeeper ready for the market.

With the necessity of storing personal information in one location – brought about by the European Commission’s proposed digital identity framework, including eID’s for all EU citizens – Datakeeper facilitates identification, data sharing and electronic signing in a safe, fast and secure way.

What is the app’s purpose?

It’s purpose is to enable EU citizens full control over their own data and enable EU citizens to store valuable and relevant data in one place, as well as being able to share sensitive data securely and safely with others.

Datakeeper has made sharing and verifying identity simpler and faster. The digital identity wallet is a powerful tool to fight identity fraud, reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and increase efficiency.

How does the app work?

The app eliminates the need for physical identity documents, safely storing data and ensuring that the user is in control of the data that is shared. During the data request user experience is optimised through fast client verification, with customer data already validated.

The app provides its users with full control, allowing sharing of selected data with trusted parties while satisfying GDPR compliance to protect personal privacy. Validated data, such as personal identity and income, are safely and decentrally stored eliminating the need to carry additional documents. This data can then be used as digital proof to authorise access of public and private services by EU citizens – ranging from renting a car, buying a house or applying for a mortgage.

What does the future of digital identity hold?

The potential market for privacy friendly data sharing and identity wallets is huge. Within two years, an identity wallet will be commonplace.Contactless data requests provisions for a post-COVID and sustainable world – reducing the risk of spreading future viruses and helping to save the planet.

Following on from the EU Identity Framework, is it likely that the rest of the world could  implement the Datakeeper app as their framework for future use?

The Datakeeper app has been developed, tested and is ready to go and has the ability to extend beyond Europe. It ensures safe and secure usage for both individuals and companies aligning with data sharing regulations. The app answers the call made by Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of Europe fit for the Digital Age, and Commissioner for Competition for a framework that allows Europeans to “ do in any member states what they could do at home ”, safely and securely. Safety is at the heart of our company and ensuring it for Datakeeper users is our top priority.

For more information about Datakeeper please visit : https://datakeeper.nl/


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