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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Fintech Finance Podcasts: FF Salon at Sibos 2022 with Shilpa Bangera, Finastra

Joining us at the FF Salon for Sibos 2022, we sat down with the Chief Revenue Officer at Finastra, Shilpa Bangera, to discuss fintechs role in economic inclusion and championing access to finance around the world. Growing up in India, a nation which has rapidly ascended to one of fintech’s most technologically advanced innovation hubs, Bangera understands the power that this industry has in bringing about real social diversity and change. 

“It is all about financial inclusion,” she explains. “If you look at the past, that was only available to a certain subset of folks, large enterprises who had the be-alls and end-alls of their disposition. That is not the case right now.” 

In an almost radical move, fintechs like Finastra are facilitating the work of SMEs and small-time lenders and up-and-coming entrepreneurs so that access to capital is available to all. It is the collaboration between every player working in the sector that is the real driving force for innovation. To nurture talent in fintech, big players in the industry need to invest and support the work happening on the outskirts by new startups and underdogs.

“We believe that 99% of innovation is going to come from the outside, and we tap into that intellectual capacity and capability through the Hackathons. And these Hackathons give us a preview not only of the sheer talent that is out there but what value the talent brings to us and our customers.” 

For Finastra, there is absolutely more strength in number. 

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