Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Esusu Raises $130 million Series B at a $1 Billion Valuation

Today Esusu are proud to announce that they have raised a $130 million Series B at a $1 billion valuation. This Series B financing provides Esusu with the capital to execute on their mission of dismantling barriers to housing for working families, and work towards their vision of unleashing the power of data to bridge the racial wealth gap. This fundraise makes Esusu one of the few Black-owned startups to reach unicorn status both in the United States and globally.

Esusu was founded in 2018 with the premise that no matter where you come from, the colour of your skin, or your financial identity it should never determine where you end up in life. In the United States, credit is fundamental to financial stability, access to housing, and upward mobility. Unfortunately, the current system leaves millions behind who are credit invisible, thin-file, or otherwise credit-challenged precluding them from accessing quality financial products.

Esusu’s platform enables renters to build financial identity, reach financial stability, and ultimately move towards wealth creation. Reaching over 2.5 million rental units across all 50 states, Esusu’s platform provides a win-win solution for landlords and renters alike. The Series B fundraise will enable the firm to scale the team, accelerate new product development, and grow our reach across the rental market.

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