Sunday, June 16, 2024

EarlyBird Launches Industry-First Crypto Wallet for Families

EarlyBird, the platform that makes it easy for parents, family, and friends to collectively invest in a child’s future, announced today the launch of EarlyBird Crypto. Alongside traditional assets, parents will now be able to add Bitcoin and Ethereum to the portfolio they manage for their child, all through a digital experience – a first for the wealth management industry and a means to provide the next generation of investors with access to these rapidly-growing digital currencies.

Parents who sign up for the EarlyBird Crypto waitlist will get early access to the offering later this year, a $25 sign-up bonus, an eight-part educational email series, and the opportunity to participate in the most significant development in family wealth management over the past decade.

Since launching in December 2020, EarlyBird has helped tens of thousands of families invest in their children. In minutes, parents set up an account, choose from a range of diversified portfolios, set a recurring investment, and invite friends and family to make contributions. All investments are accompanied by authentic video and photo memories that range from heartfelt to humorous, celebrating special moments throughout a child’s life.

“As children grow up, a sense of financial security can completely change the way they think about what’s possible – they have the privilege of taking risks,” said Jordan Wexler, CEO and Co-Founder of EarlyBird. “Educating and exposing families as early as possible to the asset classes of a modern portfolio, while simultaneously engaging a child’s community, creates compounding impact for that child and for the generations to come.”

The product’s arrival comes on the heels of the company’s $4M seed funding, led by Alexis Ohanian’s Seven Seven Six and with strategic participation from digital asset platform, Gemini, through their Frontier Fund. Gemini also serves as the custodian for EarlyBird Crypto, providing institutional-grade security to families investing on the platform.

“As the digital asset ecosystem continues to grow and develop, solutions like EarlyBird will become increasingly important to providing the personal and financial freedom that digital assets represent,” said Marshall Beard, Head of Strategy at Gemini. “Gemini’s unique platform enables us to support those building the future of digital asset investment through both strategic investments and our product offering.”

The official EarlyBird Crypto waitlist can be found by visiting:

More information on Gemini’s involvement in EarlyBird Crypto can be found by visiting:

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