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Crypto Trailblazer Changes the Game with Roll Out of 38 Commission-free Stocks

Crypto Trailblazer Changes the Game with Roll Out of 38 Commission-free Stocks | Fintech Finance

Leading investment platform, Change, has launched commission-free, tradable Stocks. Its aim is to enable more users to benefit from capital returns on equities without having to pay for traditional shares. Change customers can now use the Change app to trade in Stocks from almost forty world-leading corporations including Tesla, NVIDIA, AirBNB, Ferrari and Uber.

With a starting outlay of just €10, users can trade in fractions of stocks. The result is that even those who may not be able to afford a traditional share are able to access the associated economic returns, including potential dividends. Importantly too, all transactions are settled in real-time, enabling traders to constantly adapt their portfolio in line with share prices and trading conditions. The move is part of Change’s mission to remove the barriers and complexities to wealth creation.

Kristjan Kangro, CEO and founder of Change comments: “We’re very excited to add fractional stock investing to our portfolio. This has been enabled by purchasing the real shares and having them on our balance sheet in order to make them accessible to Change users. In short, it means that anyone with as little as €10 in their back pocket has the opportunity to stake a claim in some of the biggest businesses in the world.

“It’s an incredibly powerful development which opens a whole new chapter of possibility for our customers to enrich their investment mix to make their money work even harder. On a wider level too, it is a game-changer in the transition towards a fairer, more inclusive financial world where everybody has the chance to use their money to make more. We’re thrilled to have so many major names involved in the initial phase, and have many more in the pipeline – so watch this space.”

The move follows Change’s acquisition of an investment firm based in the Netherlands with a licence to offer its financial services to 453 million people living in the European Economic Area. As a result, Change is ramping up investment in traditional financial services – including stocks, shares, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and commodities, as well as its established crypto and DeFI products. The business also now has an office in Amsterdam, along with previous Tallinn and Singapore residences.

Stocks is a financial product offered by Change Securities B.V. and is based on over-the-counter derivative instruments with various equities, indices, commodities as underlying assets. These instruments have the flexibility to open a position representing a fraction of the underlying asset.


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