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Saturday, November 26, 2022

Bitstamp Launches Summer of Discovery Campaign with Introduction of Zero Fees and New Ways to Pay

Bitstamp, the world’s longest-running crypto exchange, today announced the launch of “Summer of Discovery,” a campaign that highlights how Bitstamp is making crypto more accessible than ever. Live today, the first feature is 0% trading fee on all coins for your total trading volume of up to US$1,000 (or equivalent) over the previous 30 day rolling period. This is a first-of-its-kind offering in today’s market.

Soon, Bitstamp will roll out its Apple Pay and Google Pay integration, making it easier to buy crypto using the methods consumers know and love. Bitstamp believes this is key to creating an effortless onboarding experience. These integrations help make it safe and easy to buy and sell digital assets, whether someone is new to crypto, revisiting it, or looking to expand their portfolio.

Bitstamp continues to expand its offering by introducing new coins that meet its strict guidelines for listing. Later this summer, Bitstamp will globally announce two additional coins. In addition, Bitstamp will soon roll out a new and exciting way for consumers to learn more about the aspects of crypto that interest them most, so they can participate in the markets armed with knowledge and empowered to trade responsibly.

Over the past cycle we onboarded hundreds of thousands of new retail users at Bitstamp. In addition to that, the exchange’s most recent Crypto Pulse survey found that 41% of retail users just don’t know enough to get started with crypto. Starting today, Bitstamp is extending the opportunity for more people to purchase crypto by offering zero fees, expanded educational resources, and easy accessibility.

JB Graftieaux, Global CEO of Bitstamp, said: “This summer is about coming out of the crypto winter and discovering new ways to invest in digital assets and crypto. Through our Summer of Discovery initiative, users have an incentive to begin or continue their crypto journey within a secure, regulated exchange.

“The latest upgrades to our payment infrastructure makes it easier than ever for people to participate in the crypto ecosystem using Bitstamp. For more than a decade, we’ve continued to innovate while providing the best infrastructure, uptime, and customer service in the sector.”

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