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Bitcoin gaming fintech partners with Bitstamp

Bitcoin gaming fintech partners with Bitstamp | Fintech Finance

Bitstamp, the world’s longest-running crypto exchange, and ZEBEDEE, a leader in Bitcoin gaming infrastructure, today launched an integration aimed at giving investors and gamers direct and frictionless access to each other’s platforms. The partnership will enable Bitstamp customers and ZEBEDEE gamers to seamlessly transfer Bitcoin to the virtual gaming world, allowing them to utilise the currency across games.

Bridging the gap between gaming and cryptocurrency

Today’s launch marks the first time gamers will be able to transfer Bitcoin from an exchange directly to ZEBEDEE. To celebrate the launch, Bitstamp is distributing one Bitcoin directly to players through ZEBEDEE-powered games and also offering a bonus of $5 in Bitcoin to customers who sign up to Bitstamp from ZEBEDEE. The 1 BTC in game rewards is available to anyone through a range of games across desktop and mobile, while the referral bonus is available to new Bitstamp customers or inactive customers returning to the exchange through the ZEBEDEE Wallet.

“This is a true integration of gaming and BTC trading,” says David Osojnik, CTO of Bitstamp. “With the ability to move Bitcoin between ZEBEDEE and Bitstamp easily at the push of a button, it’s essentially like having a joint account for both platforms. The global gaming industry is worth over $170B per year – more than the entirety of the music and film industries combined. That’s why we’re bullish that this integration will encourage the next wave of crypto investors.”

With over two billion gamers in the world, ZEBEDEE is creating a system that is inherently global and inclusive by using Bitcoin. ZEBEDEE’s growing ecosystem is based on the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which facilitates instant payments with near-zero fees.

“We don’t see ourselves as a cryptocurrency company, but a fintech for the gaming industry,” said Simon Cowell, CEO of ZEBEDEE, “Bitcoin serves as the basis for our technology stack, because it is simply the best network and form of money for the job. With our platform, we’ve unlocked the next frontier for game economies: nano payments as small as a fraction of a cent and the ability to instantly transfer your earnings between different games and out into the real world.”

“We recognise that ZEBEDEE is building the potential to transform how economies are formed in virtual worlds,” said Julian Sawyer, CEO of Bitstamp. “When your activities in a game can have real economic implications, it unlocks new doors for creating value. In the future, the virtual economy will certainly grow larger than what we call the real-world economy. The key to making that happen is having an open and interoperable system, which is exactly why ZEBEDEE is such an integral part of how Bitstamp supports gamers.”

BTC Rewards

In the last four months, Bitstamp already handed out one Bitcoin to gamers through ZEBEDEE Infuse, the revolutionary app that lets anyone earn Bitcoin by playing CS:GO, the largest multiplayer first-person shooter game in the world. To mark the launch of this new integration, Bitstamp will be giving away another whole Bitcoin to gamers directly through ZEBEDEE-powered games. But this time, they’re expanding to include more games, including casual mobile games and simple racing games that friends can play together. This way, players of all skill levels can earn free Bitcoin while having fun. Because this Bitcoin is handed out directly through games as in-game rewards, it represents the perfect opportunity for people to enter the world of crypto in a fun way, without requiring any prior knowledge about Bitcoin, crypto or the market. All powered by ZEBEDEE tech and enabled by Bitstamp.


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