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Wednesday, December 07, 2022

Better Surpasses $100B in Mortgages Funded for American Families

Better, a leading digital homeownership company, today announced it has surpassed $100 Billion in mortgages financed for American families. This is a key milestone in Better’s journey to make homeownership cheaper, faster and easier, becoming the first fintech to ever fund over $100B in loans.

Since 2014, Better has strived to make every aspect of homebuying simpler, faster, and more affordable for its customers. It’s no secret that the traditional mortgage process is outdated and reliant on complicated systems, resulting in a frustrating and stressful homebuying experience. With Better, prospective homebuyers can get pre-approved mortgages in as little as 3 minutes and conduct every aspect of the homebuying process through a seamless online platform with 24/7 customer support.

“We’re making the American Dream a tangible reality for thousands of people every single day by making home finance cheaper, faster and easier, and in doing so making the American Dream even Better,” said Vishal Garg, CEO & Founder at Better. “I’m immensely proud of the progress we’ve made to disrupt the mortgage industry and so proud that we have achieved this crazy milestone of $100B funded just less than 7 years post-launch. We are committed to building upon this, so that we can ultimately make every American family’s homeownership journey cheaper, faster, easier, just plain Better.”

Better thrives by removing friction from traditionally complex mortgage processes. Unlike most legacy mortgage services, which are dominated by restrictively expensive fees and layers of middlemen, Better offers a non-commissioned home financing experience and prioritizes saving customers money through lower rates and zero commissions and fees. Better eliminates pain points and reduces the costs of owning a home via one consolidated platform, letting customers also buy and sell a home through a non-commissioned Better realtor and get auto, home, and life insurance through a non-commissioned Better insurance agent.

“This achievement is a testament to the boundless dedication of Better’s team,” said Kevin Ryan, CFO at Better. “Every time Better customers save on costs, that’s money back in their pocket to spend on their family’s needs – and that’s why we exist.”

Better’s rapid growth coincides with accelerated consumer demand for a digitized, all-in-one home buying solution. In addition to mortgages, Better’s services cover every aspect of homeownership including real estate, title, and homeowners insurance to ensure that time and resources aren’t wasted in one of the largest financial investments a consumer will make in their lifetime.

Better’s latest achievement highlights its status as an innovator in digital mortgage technology, and as a leading fintech setting the bar high for serving families from start to finish in the homeownership process.

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