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AgentSync Launches Contracting Solution to Simplify the Carrier Contracting Experience Following the Acquisition of eContractPro

AgentSync Launches Contracting Solution to Simplify the Carrier Contracting Experience Following the Acquisition of eContractPro | Fintech Finance

AgentSync, the technology company powering growth and innovation across the insurance industry, today unveiled AgentSync Contracting, a new product to eliminate the pain points of carrier contracting. This product launch follows AgentSync’s acquisition of eContractPro, a technology solution that was founded with the mission to simplify contracting for insurance agencies and their distribution partners. With the acquisition of eContractPro, AgentSync continues to advance its goal of building the insurance industry’s most trusted and comprehensive producer management solution. Kristen Bryant, founder and CEO of eContractPro, joined the AgentSync team as Director of Product Management, Contracting.

Prior to AgentSync Contracting, the industry lacked a single source of truth that provided visibility into both producer status and contracting requirements, all in one easy-to-use platform. Eliminating the countless hours of paper pushing, producer and partner email follow-ups, toggling between multiple systems and logins, and tedious data re-entry, AgentSync Contracting leverages decades of industry experience to drive efficiency in the contracting process. With a complete view into producer contracting statuses and changing carrier contract requirements, agencies and their distribution partners can confidently and quickly move through the contracting process from within a single system. Partners who use AgentSync Contracting can expect:

  • Bulk contracting – With bulk contracting, you can move multiple producers through the contracting process with the click of a button and request or submit multiple carrier contracts for a single producer.
  • Speed to onboard – Quick carrier contracting allows you to onboard more producers faster, getting them ready to sell as soon as possible and creating a delightful producer onboarding experience.
  • Single source of truth – A single, real-time view for you and your distribution partners. Know which contracts are awaiting approval and which were already processed.
  • Trusted partners – AgentSync’s insurance industry experts build relationships with your carrier partners to track changing contract requirements.

The acquisition of eContractPro accelerated AgentSync’s goal of modernizing the complex, time consuming, manual process of contracting. eContractPro founder Kristen Bryant set out to build a modern solution based on more than a decade of first-hand contracting experience and frustrations with the inadequate and antiquated tools available. Both Bryant and AgentSync’s co-founders Niji Sabharwal, CEO, and Jenn Knight, CTO, share a similar unwillingness to accept the status quo; they all are committed to innovating and developing better ways to tackle core problems in the insurance process, making this acquisition a natural fit.

“When I founded eContractPro, I approached the challenge as someone who knew every facet of the contracting process – and how to improve it. We built the product from the ground up, putting every step in the correct order, layering in automation, and removing friction to create efficiency,” said Bryant. “Our mission and approach aligned with AgentSync’s, and the opportunity to combine forces to improve end-to-end producer distribution with a strong contracting product was an obvious next step.”

“At AgentSync, we have an ambitious goal to offer the insurance industry’s most comprehensive platform for producer management. Contracting is a critical step in this process, and joining forces with eContractPro allowed us to accelerate our product roadmap,” said Niji Sabharwal, co-founder and chief executive officer of AgentSync. “Leveraging the strong foundation eContractPro provided, we’re focused on building the industry’s leading contracting solution and continuing to delight customers with the best tools for distribution management on the market.”

The transition from eContractPro to AgentSync Contracting has been seamless, with 100% customer retention. Innovative Financial Group’s Director of Contracting Taryn Burge shared, “AgentSync has taken contracting our agents to a whole new level. No more one-by-one processing. It’s been a huge timesaver and the ease of using it, both from a Broker General Agent (BGA) standpoint and agent standpoint, is amazing. Highly recommended platform.”


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