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Sunday, February 25, 2024

The Fintech Show 6.02: Crypto Compliance – Coining The Future Regulatory Ecosystem

Joining us for this episode of The Fintech Show, we met with some of the most incredible fintech innovators leading the charge for the crypto revolution. For this episode, we heard the insights of Coinbase’s Tom Duff Gordon, IDC’s Phillip Silitschanu, and Trulioo’s Michael Ramsbacker – who we managed to catch at Money20/20 Vegas. 

Together we discussed how policy is shaping the relationship between crypto exchanges and their customers, and what new developments in digital identity and blockchain are doing to further compliance. 

“Around 2018, we started to see a lot of institutional companies and financial institutions and banks begin to take crypto seriously, where they were saying – we should take a look at this and plan for this – this isn’t a ‘hacker in the basement’ thing, this is something that may be around to last,” said Silitschanu. 

Crypto Compliance Regulators, international exchanges, and BigTech are the chief proponents of the cryptosphere and coincidentally its most indispensable partners. As the FTX scandal comes to a head and a high number of people are starting to show signs of insecurity, we breakdown why stabilization and regulation is crucial to the growth of crypto use, and how we can move forward toward a more trustworthy ecosystem. 

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