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Monday, October 02, 2023

Robert Burr – The Perfect Place For Scaling An Organisation

FF News sat down for a chat with Robert Burr, CEO of iptiQ, to explore what he perceives as the perfect ingredients for scaling a business.

iptiQ is a digital risk management and insurance platform that offers innovative solutions and products to streamline the insurance process and provide comprehensive coverage options to customers.

“Capabilities and skills are a dynamic thing, particularly in the technology world. It tends to move around quite a lot. So, what’s hot for talent on one day may not be hot for talent in two or three years. So you have to remain dynamic in how you build your capability and where you build it.”

“The Midwest, for us, is interesting because we have some very new operations in the Midwest, just outside Chicago. We have a great team of people working there on distribution activities, but we also have some older operations in the Midwest which are part of the Swiss Re group. It’s great, because when you’re looking at a market as large as the Americas, sitting in the Midwest allows you to service both time zones, allows you common structures, and common teams that can operate across the different American time zones.”

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