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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Nish Kotecha Highlights Potential Benefits Of Regulation In Cryptocurrency

In the studio for an exclusive conversation with FF News, Nish Kotecha, Co-Founder & Chairman of Finboot, discusses the potential benefits for experienced cryptocurrency investors in more regulations are implemented in the industry.

“If more regulations were implemented then for experienced crypto investors, things would become very interesting because crypto is an application of blockchain technology. It is not what we believe to be the call. Blockchain has a much wider reach.”

“No if crypto is one application, what has crypto achieved? Well, it’s achieved the opportunity to enable investors to speculate. You can argue whether speculation is a good thing or a bad thing. Now if crypto is used to make end-to-end payments, all that could be a good thing if crypto is just used as a replacement for buying shares on a regulated stock market or investing in other securities that are regulated.”

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