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Monday, October 02, 2023

Kevin Houstoun from Rapid Addition – FIX Nordic Trading Conference 2023

At the FIX Nordic Trading Conference we spoke to Kevin Houstoun, executive chairman at Rapid Addition. They’re a trading middleware vendor delivering high-performance enterprise electronic trading platforms, which help numerous organisations such as Citi deliver their services.

When asked about discussion topics at the conference, Houstoun is candid on current shifts in the market and new regulations appearing in Europe. We also hear about how AI and machine synthesis are beginning to make an appearance in trading software and he gives some insight into how Chat GPT has developed and some of the challenges we face in using it.

“The US markets seem to be acting as a black hole for liquidity, sucking in all new listings. [SoftBank’s] ARM for example listed in the US instead of the London Stock Exchange.”

“We’re starting to see customers asking whether they can deploy into their existing hardware data centres but with a view to moving into the cloud. We’re seeing that more and more.”

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