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Thursday, June 01, 2023

Joao Pinto – Ebankit – Finovate Europe 2023

At Finovate Europe 2023, we caught up with Joao Pinto, Founder and Executive Board Member of ebankIT. ebankIT is an omnichannel company that works with clients in the financial sector to offer an innovative platform that connects to core banking systems and provides omnichannel services to end clients.

“Digital banking is the future, soon all clients will interact digitally with their banks with fewer people going to the branch and speaking to people. Now you have this challenge of how do you make it kind of human for people to interact with not only the machine but with the bank community institution.”

“For example, you know as a client, are you having problems facing the bank? Does it take too long to do a transaction? If the bank has this information on you, they can act on that. If you interact with anyone, people would say ‘oh we know that you’re facing some problems with this, or you know there are some problems with your connection. That’s why we have problems.’ So with all this information that is available, it can then be parameterized to help institutions to communicate with you and sort out the problems you have.”

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