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Monday, June 05, 2023

Tim Hardcastle – Instanda – Insurtech Insights Europe 2023

Over at Insurtech Insights Europe 2023, we sat down for a conversation with Tim Hardcastle the CEO of Instanda. Instanda is a platform that enables carriers and MGAs to create, build and implement complex insurance products in a matter of weeks or months.

“Instanda is a digital core platform for the insurance industry. We’re the world’s first no-code platform which means we can give a lot of speed and agility to companies that are working with us.”

“We formed Instanda to provide a technology, and we call it democratised technology because it puts it in the hands of the companies. They’re wanting to innovate, get new products out and reduce their costs. You can’t do that with old traditional technology. You have to give technology that people can really use and that’s why we designed outs to be no code.”

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