Friday, June 21, 2024

Maurice Jongmans – Online Payment Platform – FF News Fintech Spotlight

FF News had the opportunity to meet with Maurice Jongmans, CEO of Online Payment Platform to discuss their partnership with PPRO. He shares some valuable insights into the workings of the company, and the relationship, providing a comprehensive explanation of their activities and missions as well as taking a look upon current concerns within the payments industry.

Online Payment Platform provides a secure digital payment solution, empowering businesses and individuals to conduct seamless online transactions. With its reliable and efficient payment processing capabilities, it enables convenient and trusted financial transactions in the digital realm.

“More hurdles are coming into the payment experience due to obligations for strong customer authentication. You get more control and more checks, and that does not always help the payment experience for the user.”

“I make sure that my team is always aware of the changes that are happening and all the possibilities that come around. That also means meeting with the PPRO team and talking to the innovation managers and scheme managers to tell us what’s happening in the world that we might not be directly aware of.”

“We will see more fragmented payment method solutions coming up for the next couple of years, but we might also see some consolidation, some more European solutions, and maybe somewhere in the far future, something like digital Euro.”

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