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Sunday, March 03, 2024

Jonathan Jackson – Previsico – Insurtech Insights USA 2023

In this exclusive video at Insurtech Insights USA 2023, we met Jonathan Jackson, CEO of Previsico, who provides a comprehensive understanding of the company’s mission and activities.

Previsico is an innovative leader in real-time flood forecasting and predictive analytics solutions. Their cutting-edge technology empowers organisations, governments, and individuals to effectively mitigate flood risks through proactive management and data-driven decision-making.

“We’ve got two levels of service. The first is the flood forecast, where every 3 hours we produce a new flood forecast predicting up to 48 hours ahead and the risk of flood at an individual property level or 80 square feet. We’re able to predict both the time and depth of the flood. Then we also have a sensor product, which is designed for those properties in the US which are at high flood risk … The sensor adds an extra level of confidence and insight.”

“We’re looking to ingest the sensor data into our forecast so that we’re not just warning that one property of the flood risk, but we can provide that service to the wider community. So everybody who signs up to the forecast can also benefit from the sensor.”

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