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Tuesday, June 06, 2023
Point Zero Forum

Art Harrison – Daylight – Fintech Meetup 2023

Over in Las Vegas for Fintech Meetup 2023, we sat down for a conversation with Art Harrison, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer at Daylight. Daylight aims to eliminate manual processes, reduce training and improve any critical process by building digital solutions that sit on top of their clients’ workflows and applications.

“We call ourselves a process experience platform and what that means is we help banks, insurance companies, pharmacies and really any large organisation turn all of the manual processes that are error-prone and require a ton of training and knowledge to complete. We help turn their manual processes into digital solutions that guide even the most junior or inexperienced user through the completion of that process effortlessly.”

“If you think about most banks, credit unions and other people in the financial services space, they literally have thousands or tens of thousands of paper forms or internet sites with descriptions and instructions on how to complete processes for everything. So with Daylight, they can take the knowledge that they have to complete those processes, configure them in our platform and we turn those into guided solutions.”

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