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Saturday, December 03, 2022

Eugene Shafronsky on why the robots are NOT coming to kill us

Eugene Shafronsky, Head of Strategy at thinktum, has seen the potential of AI technology, and he’s not in the least bit worried. thinktum’s affordable and modular, no-code technology solutions not only facilitate, but optimize the entire business cycle, from insurance application to policy issue, providing innovative technology solutions for insurance companies. 

Joining us for a ride in the Porsche Taycan, Eugene sheds light on the ‘one size fits all approach’ to insurance, and how that’s all about to change with data science. With a notable career in insurance carriers and insurtech organizations, the strategist has set his sights on the future generations and how – with the right skill set – AI will only develop for the betterments of its users. 

“‘AI is primarily what humans tell it to be” says Shafronsky, “what humans programme it to be, and even if there are some controversies with AI, those controversies are human mistakes. It’s not about augmenting people, it’s about making people better”.

With the potential to put massive amounts of data to optimal use, insurers can use AI to craft individualized policies, automate underwriting processes and provide estimates with greater accuracy to customers all over the world. The best part? According to Shafronsky, AI will only ever help us become better humans, so it’s time to turn off I Robot and embrace the potential…

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