Monday, June 24, 2024

The Fintech Show 6.12: How AI is unlocking the potential of data for banks

On this episode of The Fintech Show we’re going on an AI deep dive. It’s the topic everyone is talking about, so we gathered some voices from across the industry to get their thoughts on how this technology is changing banking, payments and more.

We spoke to Haytham Kaddoura from SmartStream about how they’re using AI to help banks analyse data more efficiently than ever before. Ranil Boteju from Lloyds and Jesus Renero from BBVA‘s dedicated ‘AI Factory’ share their expertise around data analytics and let us know how their organisations are working on using AI for good.

We’ve also got excellent insights from Nick Kerigan at Swift who is well placed to discuss AI innovation in the payments space. If you’ve wondered where this technology is taking us, make sure to watch this exciting episode for an optimistic and detailed overview of the opportunities that await the sector.

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