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Nuon AI

Nuon’s vision is to apply AI at every stage of the Insurance Product Lifecycle, from the quote and purchase stage to claims and renewal. Today Nuon’s AI supercharges any insurance company’s pricing intelligence. For example, in an aggregator environment, Nuon’s AI engine finds millions of potential profit gains for the insurer across it’s product lines. Once connected (via API), Nuon AI learns fast as it runs live experiments learning which factors are or are not performing, which quotes are or are not accepted. Insurers can choose to apply changes live at the quote stage or review retrospectively as validation for underwriting. Conservatively, insurers using Nuon can expect to see profitability increase by an average of 1-4% per annum per product line. But the potential is much greater. Nuon provides insurers, MGA’s and brokers with deep insight and competitive advantage like adding an advanced’ digital brain’ to pricing performance.

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