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What if insurers had superpowers? We think that they would choose to be able to predict risk better. At Humn, our superpower is our ability to process driving data in real-time. We fuse this with our risk model of the natural world to predict the unpredictable. Our data powered insurance products result in smarter premiums and safer roads. Our mission is to improve road safety, so 3 yrs ago, we brought some of the brightest minds in Data Science & Engineering together to build our risk & insurance platform. Rideshur tracks thousands of environmental & behavioural data points in real-time, providing world-leading transportation risk modelling capabilities. Rideshur has already reduced accidents by 65% saving our customers up to 20% on insurance premiums. Rideshur exposes driving risk trip by trip via an easy-to-use web app that enables fleet managers & their drivers to monitor and reduce risk by improving driving behaviour. We dynamically provide hints & tips with relevant training modules to allow drivers to develop their on-road skills & save money on their insurance premiums in real-time. We are now on a relentless drive to bring together the best global talents to continue improving our unique full-stack platform. We are looking for egoless leaders, experimenters & game-changers willing to adopt the latest technology across Data Science, Machine Learning, DevOps and Cloud Development – not to mention insurance product creation. Our insurance product has world-changing potential, & fleets are just the beginning for Humn… We’re also entering the world of autonomous vehicles, creating the world’s first A.V. insurance solution. In recognition of our leadership in this space, we have been awarded 2 U.K. government grants & have also raised over £20m in investment funding. We are a Global remote-first company with unmatched benefits & clear progression paths & want to find people passionate to change the world with us. Fancy joining the ride?


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