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About Salv

Salv is an anti-money laundering, crime-fighting platform built by the creators of TransferWise and Skype’s compliance. Salv gives companies the flexibility and speed they need to get ahead of today’s financial criminals. Why focus on fighting crime? Because, in 2020, being compliant is no longer enough. In 2019, 1 out of 4 major banks were slapped with fines for AML breaches. So it’s no wonder the latest UN numbers say less than 1% of global money laundering is stopped. Today, the new norm is becoming AML scandals followed by sinking stocks. Which is why, in this quickly changing world economy, moving beyond passive compliance into active crime-fighting may be the difference between your business dying or thriving. Salv’s founding team is made up of the movers and shakers from rapidly-expanding global companies — Skype, TransferWise, Pipedrive, and Guardtime — where they learned to handle huge hurdles, catch clever criminals, sail through security scenarios, and be ready to answer auditors’ questions from all over the world. All at a breakneck pace. Salv’s team has taken their unprecedented experience and packaged it into smart technology. A flexible, user-friendly AML platform to help companies all over the world fight crime, deliver a safe and world-class customer experience, grow quickly, and set their company up for future success — all without breaking the bank. Because it’s time the good guys started winning. Find out more about Salv’s Transaction Monitoring, KYC Customer Risk Scoring, and secure AML Messenger at


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December 14 2022

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