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Thursday, June 13, 2024

About IProov

iProov creates digital trust with biometric authentication. We ensure that online users are genuinely present in uncontrolled environments, combining face biometrics and anti-spoofing. Our unique approach to spoof prevention (covered by 12 granted patents), world-class deep learning technologies and focus on sustainable security have given us an unrivalled global reputation. We detect and prevent all known identity spoof attack vectors including masks, replay attacks, compromised devices, and – critically – the emerging threat of Deep Fake artificial video. Customers in Financial services and Enterprise markets have adopted our systems for online logon, step-up authentication, and for remote identity verification based on trusted ID documents. iProov is running in production with a number of major global banks, including ING and Rabobank. iProov is also working with Government organisations including the US Department of Homeland Security and the UK Government.

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iProov Becomes First Provider to Achieve FIDO Alliance Certification for Face Biometric Identity Verification

June 6 2024

iProov, a leading provider of science-based biometric identity solutions, announces today its Dynamic Liveness Solution, […]

FIDO Alliance Addresses Accuracy and Bias in Remote Biometric Identity Verification Technologies With First Industry Testing and Certification Program

May 29 2024

The FIDO Alliance announced today the launch of the first globally available certification program to […]

iProov Appoints Chief Product Officer

April 3 2024

iProov, the leading provider of science-based biometric identity solutions, has appointed Peter James as Chief […]

iProov Reports Generative AI Threats Driving Momentum for Biometric Identity Solutions as Organizations Strengthen Digital Onboarding and Authentication

February 21 2024

In 2023, iProov, the leading provider of science-based facial biometric identity solutions, experienced substantial growth […]

New Threat Intelligence Report Exposes the Impact of Generative AI on Remote Identity Verification

February 7 2024

iProov, the leading provider of science-based biometric identity solutions, today launched The iProov Threat Intelligence […]

iProov Integrates with Ping Identity’s PingOne DaVinci to Enable Identity Verification

September 20 2023

iProov, the leading global provider of facial biometric solutions, today announced a new integration with […]

iProov Partners with Cybernetica to Deliver Digital Signing and Authentication Solutions to Governments and Financial Services Organizations

September 13 2023

iProov, the leading provider of facial biometrics solutions, today announced a new partnership with Estonia-based […]

iProov Achieves UK Government Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework Certification

June 1 2023

iProov, the world leader in facial biometric authentication technology, today announced it has achieved certification […]

Wultra and iProov Partner to Bring Biometric Technology to Banks and Financial Services Technology Providers

May 10 2023

iProov, the global leader in biometric authentication, today announced a partnership with Wultra, the leading […]

Fintech Experts Discuss The Idea of A UK Digital ID

February 23 2023

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Lord Hague have called for the UK Government […]

iProov Appoints Nicole Rowe as Chief Marketing Officer

September 26 2022

iProov, the world leader in face biometric verification and authentication technology, announced today that Nicole […]

iProov Achieves eIDAS Service Module Certification to Qualified Trust Level

March 23 2022

iProov, the world leader in face authentication technology, announced today that its biometric verification and […]

iProov Announces $70M Investment from Sumeru Equity Partners

January 6 2022

iProov, the world leader in online biometric face authentication, today announced a $70 million (USD) […]

Cyber Security Veteran Paul King joins iProov Advisory Board

April 14 2021

iProov, the leading provider of face authentication technology, today announced that Paul King has joined its […]

Jumio Adds iProov’s Award-Winning Liveness Detection to its KYX Platform

April 9 2021

Jumio, the leading provider of AI-powered end-to-end identity verification and KYC solutions, today announced the […]

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