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Saturday, December 10, 2022
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About HYPE

HYPE, which operates under an electronic money institute license, is the digital solution for simple and efficient daily money management. It works through an account, which can be opened directly from a smartphone, a card and a mobile app, that gives access to all major financial services. Created as a simplified alternative to traditional models, HYPE has established itself in Italy as the leading neo-bank thanks to its ability to rethink and reinterpret the world of banking in light of the opportunities opened up by regulatory evolution and its ability, as a tech company, to read and anticipate customers' needs. Services such as bank transfers, payments, loans, savings and investments, with access thresholds starting from just a few euros, are flanked by other innovative and constantly evolving ones that make HYPE a point of reference for being aware of everyone's financial resources and capabilities. To ensure flexibility and responsiveness to new needs, HYPE combines proprietary and third-party solutions, choosing from the best available on the market. The offering is articulated on: HYPE, HYPE Next, and HYPE Premium - three accounts designed to accompany the growth of retail customers in terms of both age groups and financial needs - and HYPE Business, designed for freelancers and sole proprietors, VAT account holders, and available through a dedicated app. On the market since 2015, HYPE has 1.7 million customers, growing rapidly and steadily. Since January 2021, it has been a joint venture between Fabrick and illimity.

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