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Monday, November 28, 2022

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Exclusive: 'The Greenhouse effect' - Lisa Frazier, Wells Fargo in "The Fintech Magazine"

Wells Fargo was known for taming financial services in the Wild West. Now, it’s driving […]

Exclusive: 'Rising to the challenge of global B2B payments' - Alan Koenigsberg, Visa Business Solutions in "The Fintech Magazine"

Alan Koenigsberg, Global Head of New Payment Flows at Visa Business Solutions, on how businesses […]

Exclusive: 'The safety catch' - Kevin Emery, UL in "The Fintech Magazine"

UL has spent more than a century helping companies embrace innovation while keeping consumers safe […]

Exclusive: 'Keeping an open mind' - Pol Navarro, Banco Sabadell in "The Fintech Magazine"

TSB’s transformation hasn’t always been as smooth as it might have liked, but Pol Navarro, […]

Exclusive: An issue of trust' - Zac Cohen , Trulioo in "The Fintech Magazine"

A proposed guideline framework for assessing digital ID systems could bring order to chaos and […]

Exclusive: 'Doing the thinking for you' - Roland Brandli, SmartStream in "The Fintech Magazine"

In the post tap-and-pay world, businesses don’t have the luxury of time to identify and […]

Exclusive: 'All aboard (swiftly and securely)' - Angela Byrne, RBS in "The Fintech Magazine"

With banks steadfastly moving their operations from branches to digital channels, onboarding is a vital […]

Exclusive: 'Vietnam in banking's fast lane' - Gillian Shaw, RBR in "The Fintech Magazine"

With demand for banking services in Southeast Asia increasing rapidly as populations and economies grow, […]

Exclusive: 'Postmodern banking' - Martin Kearsley, Post Office in "The Fintech Magazine"

The UK Post Office has de facto become the country’s biggest high street bank, acting […]

Exclusive: 'Is this the end or just the beginning?' - Laurent Nizri, Paris FinTech Forum in "The Fintech Magazine"

As Founder & CEO of Paris FinTech Forum, Laurent Nizri has seen a remarkable metamorphosis […]

Exclusive: 'Seeding ideas' - Chris Crespo, Nordea Bank in "The Fintech Magazine"

From sending executives to Silicon Valley so that they can experience innovation, to asking customers to […]

Exclusive: 'High hopes for low-code' - Richard Billington, Netcall in "The Fintech Magazine"

Netcall’s Chief Technology Officer, Richard Billington, on how low-code is paving the way for a […]

Exclusive: 'Smart city slickers' - Neha Mehta, FemTech Partners in "The Fintech Magazine"

Said to be the smartest city in the world, Singapore is using technology to enhance […]

Exclusive: 'Of banks and butterflies' - Peter Hazou, Microsoft in "The Fintech Magazine"

Peter Hazou, Director of Solutions for Financial Services at Microsoft, discusses why moving to a […]

Exclusive: 'Changing fortunes' - Sanjiv Sawhney, Citi in "The Fintech Magazine"

Sanjiv Sawhney, Head of Global Custody and Fund Services at Citi, on the pressures facing […]

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