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Sunday, April 21, 2024

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MPE 2019 Summary

The Fintech Finance team heads over to MPE in Berlin to talk to David Gudjonsson from […]

MPE 2019: Rahul Pangam, Simility

We speak to Rahul Pangam, CEO & CO-Founder at Simility about the background, the biggest cause of fraud […]

MPE 2019: Andrew Mitchell, JCB

We talk to Andrew Mitchell, Vice President at JCB about the background of the company, new projects, […]

MPE 2019: David Gudjonsson, Handpoint

We talk to David Gudjonsson, CEO and Co-Founder of Handpoint about the background on the company, […]

MPE 2019: Nigel Dean, MYPINPAD

We talk to Nigel Dean, Head Of Marketing at MYPINPAD about the background on the company, […]

MPE 2019: Chris Kunze, Scanovate

We talk to Chris Kunze, Sales Director at Scanovate about the background on Scanovate, interest in the […]

MPE 2019: Nick Lally, Ravelin

We talk to Nick Lally, Founder & COO at Ravelin about the elements in fraud, PSD2 […]

MPE 2019: Paul Rodgers, Vendorcom

We talk to Paul Rodgers, Chairman at Vendorcom about the background on the company, payments landscape […]

MPE 2019: Carl Churchill, Technologi Worldwide

We talk to Carl Churchill, Managing Director at Technologi Worldwide about the background on the company, regulation, […]

MPE 2019: James Quickfall, The ai Corporation

We talk to James Quickfall, Commercial Director at The ai Corporation about the company, financial institution […]

MPE 2019: Ghela Boskovich, FemTechGlobal

The Fintech Finance team heads over to MPE in Berlin and talks to Ghela Boskovich, FemTechGlobal […]

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