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Sunday, April 14, 2024

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Money20/20 USA 2019: Jessica Turner, Mastercard

We speak with Jessica Turner, Mastercard about being at a Fintech event and their recent […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Steve Kirsch, Token

We speak with Steve Kirsch, Token and M10, about the background on the company, the […]

Money20/20 USA 2019 Summary

The Fintech Finance team heads over to Money20/20 USA in Las Vegas to talk to […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Eli Rosner, Finastra

We speak with Eli Rosner, Finastra about the background on their company, buzzwords at the […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Brian Abele, Temenos

We speak with Brian Abele, Temenos about being at the event, how does KONY fit […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Ricardo Blumel, Transbank

We speak with Ricardo Blumel, Transbank about their partnership with AEVI, what do smart devices […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Mike Camerling, AEVI

We speak with Mike Camerling, AEVI about helping small businesses with their solutions, tailoring their […]

Money20/20 USA: Kelley Knutson, Netspend

We speak with Kelley Knutson, Netspend about Samsung Pay Cash, their move into mobile pay […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Andrew Harper, Meniga

We speak with Andrew Harper, Meniga about the challenges in the US market and building […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Lance Hood, Neustar

We speak with Lance Hood, Neustar about challenges with fraud, the balance between security and […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Robert Hyde, Payment Source

We speak with Robert Hyde, Payment Source about the biggest challenges with payments, payments market […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Samuel Bakken, OneSpan

We speak with Samuel Bakken, OneSpan about the background on their company, even balance between […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Jennifer Tramontana, The Fletcher Group

We speak with Jennifer Tramontana, The Fletcher Group about the mentorship programme, trends in the […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Vidya Peters, Marqeta

We speak with Vidya Peters, Marqeta about the background on their company, challenges in the […]

Money20/20 USA 2019: Robert Krugman, Broadridge

We speak with Robert Krugman, Broadridge about the ecosystem, future of the industry and what’s […]

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