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Monday, October 03, 2022

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IFGS 2019: Chantal Van Es, SWIFT

We speak with Chantal Van Es, SWIFT about being at the event, Sibos in London […]

IFGS 2019 Summary

The Fintech Finance team heads over to IFGS in London to speak with Teana Baker-Tayor […]

IFGS 2019: Teana Baker-Taylor, Global Digital Finance

We speak to Teana Baker-Taylor, Global Digital Finance about being at the event, cryptocurrencies and […]

IFGS 2019: Donna Parisi, Shearman & Sterling LLP

We speak with Donna Parisi, Shearman & Sterling LLP about the law firm & crypto […]

IFGS 2019: Laurent Nizri, Paris FinTech Forum

We speak with Laurent Nizri, Paris FinTech forum about the ecosystem, 150 companies listed and […]

IFGS 2019: Elizabeth Lumley, VC Innovations

We speak with Elizabeth Lumley, VC Innovations about being at the event, Fintech being global […]

IFGS 2019: Fabian Vandenreydt, B-Hive

We speak with Fabian Vandenreydt, B-Hive about being at the event, building the ecosystem and […]

IFGS 2019: Suchitra Nair, Deloitte

We speak with Suchitra Nair, Deloitte about regulation, helping banks and Fintechs.

IFGS 2019: Louise Brett, Deloitte

We speak with Louise Brett, Deloitte about the scalability in the ecosystem, background on their […]

IFGS 2019: Peter Simon, DataRobot

We speak with Peter Simon, DataRobot about what they are promoting at the event, their […]

IFGS 2019: Franziska Zangl, NDGIT GmbH

We speak with Franziska Zangl, NDGIT GmbH about the event, ecosystem and open network.

IFGS 2019: Victor Yip, Pecutus

We speak with Victor Yip, Pecutus about being at the event, currency conversions and virtual […]

IFGS 2019: Martin McCann, Trade Ledger

We speak with Martin McCann, Trade Ledger about being at the event, background on their […]

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