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Monday, March 04, 2024

FODOX2021 – What Does The Future of Customer Experience Look Like?

On the 1st and 2nd of December, the Future of Digital Onboarding and Customer Experience Summit (FODOX 2021) was held at the Hilton Hotel in Canary Wharf. Luckily, I was able to attend and might I just say, the hotel was not too shabby indeed! But more importantly, the event was insightful and engaging, and here are my key takeaways from it:

Despite numbers being lower than anticipated as COVID restrictions start to emerge ahead of this new Omicron variant, those who were in attendance were lovely to collaborate with. I was very grateful to meet Francisco Martins of IDNow who showcased the wonderful work his organisation is doing to maximise conversions and ensure compliance in ID verification for financial services. I also met the Ondato team who shared insights about their operating system for KYC compliance, as well as Authentic Vision to learn about their solutions for Fintechs to resolve the conflict between high security and a great user experience. Some really cutting-edge technology was on show from other members of our lovely community too.

As for the keynote talks on show, RiskScreen, an organisation who have developed a smarter way to combat money laundering, gave an interesting talk in the beginning of the day. One quote that stands out to me was when Tom Devlin, Senior Director, Regulatory & Product at Risk Screen, said that ‘technology is useless unless you can embed a risk-based approach.’ It sounds obvious, but it is so often forgotten. ‘The ingenuity of the criminal mind will always be in a dialogue with those trying to stop fraudulent financial services.’ The only real way to stop this, to Devlin, is by focusing on what you can control, instead of worrying about an infinitely bottomless pit of problems. The happy path to AML effectiveness therefore includes 3 things; making it clear to people what they should do, making it easy for them to do it and giving them credit for having done it. Again, it’s a simple message, but when 66.7% of customers think that customer risk isn’t being addressed, maybe we need to focus on the fundamentals. 


Agata Majchrowska of the European Commission Expert Group followed on with a talk about AI in the Digital Onboarding. A lot of this centred around ideas of trustworthy AI since, after all, trust is very much the currency of the future. ‘AI must be for the interest of the greater people.’ Despite giving her talk remotely via an online platform, you could still feel Majchrowska’s assurance that we need to act ethically on a legal basis as much as possible as AI and machine learning becomes increasingly commonplace to use in our industry.


Henrietta Paus of DNB also shared the 3 key principles that guide everything when building a new generation web. Firstly, the experience for the customer has to be to the highest standard possible, with advanced digital experiences embedded in the process. Secondly, it is crucial to recruit savvy engineers and elite cloud-based technology. This will ensure efficient operations so that the first principle is conducted smoothly. Lastly, editor experience has to be dynamic, user-friendly and a high-quality tool for content specialists. All of this was geared to DNB’s own projects, as the new online bank anticipates an exciting time ahead.

For me, these were the more interesting points of the summit. To those who were able to attend, it was lovely to be in person with you. Let’s see how this space continues to unfold!


Bobby Suman, Fintech Finance


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