Sunday, June 16, 2024

Fintech Finance Presents: The Paytech Magazine Issue 06

We at Fintech Finance are proud to present our latest edition of The Paytech Magazine! There has been so much going on this the Paytech sphere and we provide updates on key Neobanks, such as Banking Circle, Manzil and ESG. Included in this issue are commentaries by Marcel van Oost, who compares two leading neobanks as well as a delve into how ISO 20022 & SWIFT gpi show interoperability between crossborder payments. We finally look at how the Wirecard collapse has impacted trust in the payments supply chain and how Smartstream will become indispensable in risk management.

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In this edition, we feature… drum roll…

  • Zac Cohen, Trulioo
  • Anders la Cour, Banking Circle
  • Marcel van Oost
  • Sergey Pantaleev, Varengold
  • Alex Ford, Claro
  • Ellen Moeller, Stripe
  • Ciaran Chu, ACI Worldwide
  • Santosh Tripathy, Smartstream….and many more!


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