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Sunday, November 27, 2022

The Fintech Magazine Issue 15

Paris FinTech Forum is upon us – and what better way to kick off the new fintech decade!  In this of The Fintech Magazine, the Forum’s ever-energetic Founder Laurent Nizri takes stock of the five years since it launched and offers some 20/20 vision on the shape of financial technology to come.

While the world heads to Paris, for this issue of The Fintech Magazine, we sent our intrepid digital explorers to the far side of the earth to check out Asia’s dynamic, week-long fintech festivals in Singapore and Hong Kong where the innovation temperature is white hot.

One of the sectors advancing in leaps and bounds across the world is lending, where open banking is having a big impact. We check out how lendtechs are reducing risk for lenders and improving credit options for both businesses and individuals.

In wealth management, too, disruption is in the air. No longer the privilege of the elite, platforms such as eToro and Aegon – one B2C, the other B2B2C – are improving even modest wealth management and extending trading to the masses, creating huge opportunities to companies that can excel in this space…

In this edition we feature… drum roll…

  • Laurent NIzir, Paris Fintech Forum
  • Anders la Cour, Banking Circle
  • Paul Titterton, Virgin Money
  • Ben Thorpe, Glory Global
  • Martin Kearsley, Post Office
  • Áine McCleary, Bank of Ireland
  • Line Munkholm Haukrogh, Danske Bank
  • Ron Delnevo, Card and Cash World
  • Pol Navarro, TSB
  • Gillian Shaw, RBR
  • Angela Bryne, RBS
  • Matthieu Barral, Checkout.com
  • Barley Laing, Melissa
  • Zac Cohen, Trulioo
  • Raman Bhatia, HSBC
  • Bis Das, Equifax
  • Charles McDowell & Russ Fitzgerald, Hamshire Trust Bank
  • Richard Billington, Netcall
  • Chris Crespo, Nordea
  • Roland Brandli, Smartstream
  • Saket Sharma, BNY Mellon
  • Francis Thornhill, Konica Minolta
  • Gareth Gaston, US Bank
  • Gena Boutin, Refinitiv
  • Kevin Emery, UL
  • Lisa Frazier, Wells Fargo
  • Angus Burrell & Andrew Howell, Valitor
  • Craig Ramsey, ACI Worldwide
  • Brian Bonds, Bank of America
  • Alan Koenigsberg, Visa Business Solutions
  • Raphaël Guilley & Stéphanie Pietri, Fime
  • Jukka Yliuntinen, G+D
  • Mark Bradbury, Apply Financial
  • Sanjiv Sawhney, Citi
  • Stephanie Wilks-Wiffen, eToro
  • Alasdair Rhind, Aegon
  • Fahd Rachidy, Abaka
  • James Binns, Barclays
  • Julie Harris & Geoff Brady, Bank of America
  • Peter Hazou, Microsoft
  • Ciaran Chu, ACI Worldwide
  • Neha Mehta at the Singapore Fintech Festival
  • Doug Mackenzie at Hong Kong Fintech Week
  • Charles Nh, InvestHK
  • Dr George Lam, Cyberport
  • David Leung, SC Ventures
  • David Hoghton-Carter
  • Stephanie Smith, Allianz







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