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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
City Week 2023

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Markets look to continued growth in 2023 – valantic FSA’s latest Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network Report

London, 16 March 2023 – Participants in the Sell-Side Fixed Income Expert Network have a […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Checkout choices" - Harshna Cayley, Barclaycard Payments in 'The Paytech Magazine'

With consumers demanding fewer barriers between the physical and digital worlds, Barclaycard Payments is using […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Rite of Passage" - Jack Ehlers, Bitstamp; Bradley Riss, Checkout.com, Megan Nilsson, Crypto Megan and Jimmy Nguyen, Blockchain For All in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Bitstamp’s Crypto Pulse Report suggested earlier this year that digital assets could replace traditional investments […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Hitting the Mark" - Nathan Shinn, BillingPlatform in 'The Paytech Magazine'

The last thing cost-conscious customers need right now is to receive incorrect bills. Businesses must […]

EXCLUSIVE: "ISO 20022: Ready or Not?" - Matt Sarkar, valantic FSA in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Matt Sarkar, Global Head of Marketing for valantic FSA, outlines what a low-code approach to […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Everything in its place?" - Roland Brandli, SmartStream in 'The Paytech Magazine'

With the volume of daily payments information being circulated now off the scale, it’s imperative […]

EXCLUSIVE: "New Rules of the Game" - Richard Stockley, Currencycloud and Daniel Cronin, Integrated Finance in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Financial services were unbundled by the first fintechs, now they’re reassembling them. Currencycloud and Integrated […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Access All Areas" - Kush Shah, Bottomline Technologies in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Open banking could help consumers get hold of the cash they need to cover essentials […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Pushing all the buttons!" - Holly Coventry, American Express in 'The Paytech Magazine'

American Express is leaning into consumer and merchant demand for payment choice and enabling it […]

EXCLUISIVE: "Levelling up" - Somya Patnaik, ACI Worldwide in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Somya Patnaik of ACI Worldwide says its latest report suggests the explosion in instant payments […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Open Door Policy" - Eddie Johnson, Aevi in 'The Paytech Magazine'

With consumers increasingly wanting to be unaware their payments are even happening – wherever they […]

EXCLUSIVE: "The Greatest Prize Yet?" - Louis Joubert, PPS and Deepankar Jha, Ruuky in 'The Paytech Magazine'

The world of payments has met unprecedented challenges in recent years, but the rise of […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Neobanking Around the World" - Alex Weber, N26 in 'The Paytech Magazine'

N26 has entered – and left – international markets, but remains committed to its vision […]

EXCLUSIVE: "That's Settled?" - Priya Sharma, Clearstream in 'The Paytech Magazine'

Priya Sharma from Clearstream describes why she believes good quality data could solve the significant […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Swiftly conquering the new digital frontier" - Nick Kerigan, Swift in 'The Paytech Magazine'

How can central bank digital currencies and tokenised assets be effectively integrated into the world’s […]

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