Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Social Engineering: How Cybercriminals Exploit Human Behaviour Online

Internet connectivity continues to grow worldwide, and with it, the number of cyberattacks and their […]

BingX Extends Partnership with CertiK to Strengthen Security and Transparency

BingX, a leading global cryptocurrency exchange, is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with CertiK, a […]

CertiK Launches Skynet for Community Web3 Due Diligence Tool

CertiK, the leading provider of blockchain security solutions, is excited to announce the launch of […]

Co-Founder Yi He To Lead Binance’s $7.5B Venture Capital Arm

Binance, the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem behind the largest cryptocurrency exchange, today announced the appointment […]

Web3 Security, CertiK, Closes Additional $60 Million Funding from SoftBank

CertiK, the leading global Web3 and blockchain security firm, today announced an additional $60 million […]

Seashell Unveils Inflation-Resistant Investment Product Alongside $6M Seed Round

Seashell, the fintech company dedicated to building a consumer-first, modern banking and investment experience, emerged […]

Blockchain Security Firm CertiK Announces $24M Series B+ Led by Tiger Global

CertiK, the global leader in blockchain security, today announced a $24 million Series B+ funding […]

AllianceBlock Partners With Avalanche’s Pangolin DEX

AllianceBlock, the chain-agnostic blockchain project building compliant and data-driven products that enable financial institutions to […]

Uphold Challenge Tesla To Adopt Carbon-Neutral BTC, BitcoinZero

Addressing Elon Musk’s concerns over the environmental impact of Bitcoin, multi-currency investment platform Uphold and […]

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