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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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g.tec medical engineering: the Global Team Making a Huge Impact on the World via Brain-Computer Interface Technology

In the past, science fiction books and movies would depict people controlling a computer or […]

Alex Martin - Clearspeed - Insurtech Insights 2023

At Insurtech Insights 2023 we spoke to Alex Martin, CEO of Clearspeed about what they’re […]

EXCLUSIVE: "Accelerate the Speed of Trust" - Alex Martin, Clearspeed in 'The Insurtech Magazine'

Speed and security are often seen as being mutually exclusive in claims processing…Clearspeed CEO and […]

Clearspeed Launches Surge to Quickly and Accurately Assess Claims Risk for Catastrophic Events

Clearspeed, the leading provider of voice analytics technology for risk assessment in the insurance, government, […]

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