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Monday, December 04, 2023

Zil Money Opens Cloud Banking Platform ZilBank

Zil Money Corporation announces the opening of ZilBank, the first Texas-based all-in-one cloud banking software solution, where you may open a United States bank account online from anywhere in the world. Zil Money Corporation has more than a quarter-million business customers and one million-plus beneficiaries in its flagship onlinecheckwriter.com for B2B money movement.

The unveiling of this cloud banking platform with its exceptional security and encryption engineers working with many partners, using banking grade Amazon elastic server, fully integrated with sponsor banks, will continue to perpetuate the explosive growth that is becoming highly recognized in the FinTech industry as a leader in money movement and payment solutions.

ZilBank will offer national and international options in neo-banking like no other FinTech software system. ZilBank provides one and a half percentage cash back on every dollar spent and a half percentage cash back on deposits for business accounts. Their reach will be global and rival the efforts of other FinTech companies in adding this to their extensive functionality in the payment software industry. They will continue to master an unwavering guard against scammers and fraudulent bad actors as they have skillfully accomplished in their other platforms.

Zil has taken on the many facets of small to medium business owners’ payment challenges by creating multiple potential solutions to paying, getting paid, central reporting, and traceable software functions leaving no stone unturned. This comprehensive financial dashboard was created for convenient, central reporting of business finances. ZilBank’s technological plans include implementing information exchange formats, ISO 20022, and XBRL to automate and empower the financial infrastructure.

This new arm of the Zil Money Corporation will complete the complimentary buffet of services provided by Online Check Writer. CEO Sabeer Nelli states, “It is our team’s fervent desire to provide a secure and best world-class payment platform addressing every possible payment solution for Businesses here and abroad.”

Visit www.zilbank.com, or download app on Google play store or Apple IOS. ZilBank is a financial technology company that enables members to avoid traditional bank fees and save money. ZilBank partners with Evolve bank and solidfi to be compliant with all banking regulations offering Member FDIC insurance to protect their clients’ money.

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