Sunday, June 16, 2024

Xsolla Expands Digital Distribution Hub to Connect Game Developers and Telecommunications Carriers

Xsolla, a global video game commerce company, is proud to announce the upcoming expansion of its Digital Distribution Hub into the global telecommunications industry and its global audience of 7.3 billion mobile phone users. The Digital Distribution Hub solution is a single portal for online and offline distribution channels and brands that create and distribute entertainment content for their users.

With this solution, game developers can partner directly with telecommunications carriers to market, distribute and sell games and in-game goods through a single app or online portal, and for games to be included in carrier promotional bundles. Developers can provide their games and content to be distributed and sold through the carrier’s online store and webshop.

Carriers can take advantage of Xsolla’s unique network by offering exclusive content, entertainment experiences, and promotions to acquire new users through games currently on Xsolla. They can also retain existing customers by providing exclusive gaming perks, content, and upgrades to which competing carriers would not have access.

Through the Digital Distribution Hub, carriers can provide a wider variety of entertainment, content, and games to a diverse consumer base. At the same time, consumers can use their favorite carrier apps or digital marketplaces to make gaming-related transactions along with their everyday purchases – all in one place with a few clicks.

“Xsolla’s goal is always to find solutions that will benefit game developers in more ways than one,” said Anton Zelenin, Chief Revenue Officer for Xsolla. “We felt it was important to create an accessible hub that gives developers a wide array of opportunities by creating a beneficial impact within their market of consumers. With our telecommunications carrier partners, this solution will offer a wider variety of games to a diverse user base worldwide.”

Xsolla will be demonstrating this solution at the 2023 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco March 21-24. To learn more about Xsolla Digital Distribution Hub, visit:

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