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XN Worldwide Insurance adopts the CoverGo platform to streamline their insurance ecosystem

XN Worldwide Insurance adopts the CoverGo platform to streamline their insurance ecosystem | Fintech Finance

XN Worldwide Insurance, a leading MGA specialized in Global Mobility, and CoverGo, leaders in the field of insurance technology, are joining forces to streamline XN’s insurance ecosystem. XN has adopted CoverGo’s unique no-code insurance platform, enabling them to build, test and launch insurance products within days instead of months or years.

Expert in Global Mobility and Specialty Risk insurance in the US and Canada, XN has drastically increased their speed to market, enabling them to offer customized products reflecting exact clients’ needs, a key element to secure a strong competitive advantage. A key decision factor in choosing CoverGo was the product builder’s capability to be integrated to XN’s existing systems as an off the shelf module in a few weeks only , yet offering maximum flexibility to reflect XN’s unique business needs and environment.

CoverGo is a key partner in the digital transformation of XN Worldwide Insurance, helping to lower their operation costs, increase customer satisfaction and sales.

Key benefits of the CoverGo insurance product builder:

  • ●  No-code drag and drop visual format product builder
  • ●  No tech experience needed to build and configure products
  • ●  Handles all types of insurance across P&C, health and life
  • ●  Generates instant APIs so products can be distributed omnichannel
  • ●  Can be integrated with any legacy or third party systems

Cesar Moufarrege, CEO of XN Worldwide Insurance: CoverGo’s technology and platform is something that we have been looking for in order to advance our digital transformation goals as a company and increase customer satisfaction by step-changing speed to market and service. This no-code API driven platform is a perfect fit into our infrastructure as it provides us such flexibility and agility to push out new APIs without the traditional model of heavy reliance on tech vendor support and constant back-and-forth communication between different teams. Now our product building and APIs can be created under the same platform. The fact that our company based in North America is working with CoverGo in Asia is a testament to the strength of CoverGo’s technology and capabilities to deliver.


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