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World Finance Reveals Banking Awards 2022 Winners

World Finance Reveals Banking Awards 2022 Winners | Fintech Finance

For the 15th consecutive year World Finance magazine is delighted to announce the winners of its prestigious annual banking awards. The World Finance Banking awards 2022 feature the best performing banks from across the globe. Banks are awarded in different categories depending on their speciality, such as private, commercial and retail banking.

EVO Banco is one of the most innovative and complete digital banks in the Spanish market. Born in 2012 as a quality digital alternative to traditional banking, it was the first newly created financial institution to emerge after the financial crisis.

Banco Popular Dominicano has been a major facilitator of economic development in the Dominican Republic. The bank’s huge exposure in tourism has been instrumental in the sector’s splendid growth and performance.

Bank of the West in the US discuss the SWIFT gpi initiative, which has been rolled out in stages by the global banking community with one goal: to improve the cross-border payments experience for both senders and recipients.

The financial institutions named in the magazine’s listing have all proven themselves to be among the most innovative players in their industry. In particular, banks that have embraced digital transformation find themselves at an advantage.


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